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Business Benefits
Get in control of your unstructured data
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- cut storage costs   - reclaim capacity now   - reduce data growth   - manage change   - find individual files and   folders - instantly
The issues      Key issues that SPACEWatch Storage Suite will address: 1. Getting in control of the ever growing mountain of user-generated files. 2. Reducing the cost of managing this data. 3. Ensuring that user-generated data is compliant with corporate standards.      Managing user-generated data is an increasing challenge.  Typically it is increasing in volume by 60% year-on-year.  Management costs 3-10 times more than capital cost - and is getting increasingly difficult as those volumes increase.  As well as cost issues, there are compliance threats as well.  With users creating and sharing many millions of files it is increasingly impractical to ensure that they all confirm to corporate standards.      As with all IT infrastructure, the challenge is to balance supporting business flexibility with maintaining availability of systems - whilst minimising cost.  Storage is no different in this respect. Outcomes      Key outcomes that SPACEWatch Storage Suite will deliver: 1. A scalable storage management toolsuite that can be exploited by managers from IT, the business and projects. 2. Automated storage reporting, clean-up and archiving - reducing data growth, removing non-compliant files and archiving unused data to cheaper storage services. 3. The ability to predict future storage use - and the impact of planned changes such as new projects or proactive clean-up exercises.      The ways people use - and abuse - storage are varied and complex.  Trying to predict them is impossible.  That’s why tools like SPACEWatch, that can carry out sophisticated analysis quickly, become essential.  With even quite small networks, there just isn’t time to try and do this manually. Definition      Here are some softer details to include in your business case.  They include: Organization impact Technology impact.      Organization impact can be considered in various ways.  First a range of manual techniques for identifying and highlighting user-generated data issues will be removed.  This will free up IT resources to focus on higher-value activities such as support for projects that deliver real business value.      Secondly, business areas and projects will spend less time trying to organise their user-generated data - there will be a lot less of it, and what remains will contain less duplication and fewer unused and unwanted files.      Technology impact will primarily revolve around the deployment of SPACEWatch Storage Suite - the leading tool for managing user-generated data across the enterprise.  Consideration should be given to those who will benefit from direct use of SPACEWatch - this may well include staff outside of IT, who can benefit from being empowered to manage their own local data.
The business case for adopting SPACEWatch: cut storage costs now   and in the future. Cut costs now by removing unwanted and unused user-generated data, and in the future by reducing data growth and managing change.
USER-GENERATED DATA IS RAPIDLY GROWING AND COSTLY In most organisations user-generated storage is growing at more than 60% per year.  By the end of 2011 some people estimate that this has reached some two trillion gigabytes world-wide. Consider also that managing storage can cost 3-10 times more than it cost to buy - every year.  
WRITE A PERSUASIVE BUSINESS CASE Hopefully we’ve given you enough content to get started.  If you want some structure, then check out these great business case writing sites: PMdocs business case template A great collection of resources from IT Knowledge Exchange TechRepublic’s six essential elements  
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