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This evaluation version of NETWatch is full function and work for 30 days from installation. It can be installed on Windows 2000, 2003 or Windows XP and can be used to monitor a variety of systems and services including Windows, Netware and UNIX.

This trial version is FREE. You can share it with anyone you wish. And once you are happy that NETWatch does what you want you can buy a licence quickly and securely on-line with no need to re-install your software.

Quick Details:NETWatch
Version:3.1 build 13
Date Published:29-Dec-2006
Download Size:7.2 MB

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What's Changed?

If you want to see what the latest build changes are - what new enhancements have been included or bugs fixed - see our support page.

System Requirements

For full function across all types of services you will need to install NETWatch on a Windows 2000 or later system. The system you use must have network access (IP and/or IPX for Netware services) to all services you wish to monitor. The account you use to run NETWatch should have Administrator access to your network.

For Novell Netware network monitoring a Novell Client must be available to NETWatch and the Netware server must support IP access, and its name must resolve to an IP address on the workstation running NETWatch (e.g. you can "ping" the server by name).

For UNIX network monitoring the systems and account NETWatch uses must have rpc access to the remote systems being monitored (root access is not required). You may wish to limit rpc access to the particular system via your /etc/rhosts file - please refer to your man pages. NETWatch is tested on linux but designed for other systems such as Solaris and AIX - if you are using other flavours of UNIX and experience problems please contact Sharpeware.

If you do not intend to monitor Windows services then you can install NetWatch on Windows 9x systems (not Windows 95) and Administrator access is not required. On Windows 95, 98, NT you need to install Microsoft MDAC components first to support NETWatch's database. Download them here. They are already included in later versions of Windows.

Whilst You're Waiting

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Ordering NETWatch

The NETWatch software you download now can be licensed at any time - when you add one or more licence keys the evaluation timeout is removed and you can continue using NetWatch beyond the 30 day evaluation - without having to re-install it. Ordering is easy and secure - it normally takes 3-4 working days from order placement, depending on the reseller you use.

With each licence you get FREE support and upgrades for the lifetime of the major version - don't get stung with costly additional support costs!

You need one licence per user of NETWatch - unless you purchase a Site Licence; with a Site Licence you get unlimited use at any sites used by your organisation within one country.

The licence you buy depends on how many services you want to monitor.


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