SPACEWatch is the best software you can find to manage your computer storage.

Low on disk space? PC, File Servers or Email Servers getting full? Need to audit your entire network? Can't afford the time or money to fix it? You need SPACEWatch Storage Suite 6.

Network and Storage Admins: remove file duplicates; analyze file types, folders, treesize, users and more; see disk status across your entire network; archive and delete unwanted and unused files. 
IT Managers: measure the TCO impact of change, generate built-in or custom reports to share with users, automate your storage reporting, archiving and clean-up tasks, so your team have more time available. 
Virtualisation and Migration Consultants and Architects: use highly flexible reporting to discover storage use down to file level, model the impact of change, and monitor migration progress during and after your programme is complete. 
Storage consultants: deploy a SPACEWatch collection server, then use flexible built-in and custom reporting to generate compelling reports for your clients - with licensing to match your assignment billing. 
Get instant results across all your PCs, servers, SAN, NAS and Email servers - whatever your network size.

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Clean up your disks right now - find out how storage is being used down to file level - then get rid of unwanted, unused or duplicated files. Automate the clean up so you get lasting benefit. Automatically archive those rarely used files to secondary storage.

Certified by Microsoft as Compatible with Windows 7

Use treemaps to find issues Use many powerful search tools and get instant results on even the largest network
View file types and groups of types


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