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SPACEWatch Server Edition An “express” edition ideal for small organisations or departments
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SSS Server Edition is an “express” edition - ideal for small organisations or departments.  It has many of the features of Enterprise Edition, and is fine for smaller quantities of storage e.g. a single file server.  Server Edition is priced to match this capability and licenses can be bought on-line. The two Editions compare like this:
COMPARE EDITIONS Review how the different SPACEWatch Editions compare in detail and choose the right one for you.  
Platforms supported Storage limit Reporting Installation Storage management Storage analysis Planning
Windows. 500 GB* Manual. No custom reporting. Single installation, single user per licence. Manual. Simple file actions like delete. File and duplicates search. Basic trends analysis.
Windows, Netware, Email (Exchange/Domino), UNIX, linux, SAN, NAS. Unlimited. Easy automation Custom Report Designer. Unlimited deployment. Multi-site, multi-user support at no additional cost. Easy automation. Archiving, compression and clean-up of unwanted and unused files to your schedule. File and duplicates search, including saved shareable searches and duplicates search by folder and user. Advanced trends analysis. Scenario planning - investigate future savings based on historic use.
Next steps Read a more detailed comparison of Editions, or download a free trial of either Edition.  Alternatively you can buy a Server Edition licence on-line. If you would like to find out more about Enterprise Edition, why not request a live demo, and run through with a Sharpeware storage management expert how it can meet your needs.  A sales consultant will then provide pricing for the licence configuration that fits your specific requirements.
* Estimate.  Actual storage limit will be set by database file size limit.
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