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What’s new in SPACEWatch Storage Suite v6.2
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If you already own SPACEWatch Storage Suite v6.1 (or earlier) then you'll find plenty of exciting new features in v6.2. You will find all the details below, and you might also find these release notes handy.
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Media Management Manage pictures, video and music - find similar looking pictures SPACEWatch Desktop Edition supports media management.  It includes advanced features like finding pictures that look similar - even if they have been rotated, cropped, re-sized or are in different formats. You can also view on a map where pictures were taken - and add your own geographic data when this isn’t provided by the camera.  Read more. Search and Reporting File search based on advanced User Properties SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition now supports  search based on user properties, like status, location, organization and group.  For example, you can limit a search to disabled and unused users, or users in a particular city.  Using the “my team” option you limit searches to files owned by your direct reports.  The Group option lets you limit searches to users within a particular group.  Unused users are users who haven’t logged in to the network for at least three months. User properties are saved as part of a Saved Search - so they can be used in scheduled reports, for example.  When you run the scheduled report the user property will be completed.  For example, “unused users” will be found when the report is run - not when it is created. Initially user properties are available in the User Finder and File Finder tools. Saved Searches in the Directory Finder It has always been possible to save searches  in the File Finder.  You can then use re-run these saved searches with one click - or use them as the basis for scheduled reports or automated storage management like file archiving. This saved search feature has now been extended to the Directory Finder.  Complete a search and click on Saved Search.  Enter a unique name and you’re done.  it will now appear in the new “Saved Searches” section of the Directory Finder tool.
Storage clean-up In-line archiving of File Duplicates it is now possible to archive duplicate files “in- line” - either manually through the SPACEWatch Client, or using a scheduled task.  In-line archiving is the process of choosing one of the files in a set of duplicates, then archiving the other files by replacing them with a shortcut to the one that remains. In this way files are de-duplicated without having to archive files to secondary storage. Investigation New file type groups The File Types tool lets you view different groups of related file types, and the storage they are consuming.  These have now been expanded to include a range of other common groupings.  These can be edited and removed as previously using the group edit option. By default the detailed types list is now grouped in the same way - and it is possible to expand a particular file type to see how files of this type are distributed across the network. Context menus are available to look at more detail at any particular point in this expansion. More flexible trends navigation When historic trends are being viewed, it is  now possible to navigate backwards and forwards in the currently chosen time period - e.g. year, month, day etc. When trends are displayed, the navigator buttons will appear alongside the “Period” selection. General Updated user interface The user interface for SPACEWatch has been  updated to the current “Microsoft Fluent” design standard.  This is the standard used in Microsoft Office 2010, and sees the re- appearance of a more intuitive “File” tab rather than a start button.