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licensed per server

Enterprise Scale

Manage unlimited storage across all your sites, with flexible deployment options to suite


Unlimited desktop licenses

Deploy and install as many SPACEWatch desktop clients as you need


Remove duplicated files

Find and remove duplicated files across your network - fast and accurately


Clean-up unwanted file types

See storage use by file type or group, drill down to file-level detail


Investigate network storage use

Use treesizes and tree maps to investiage storage use; view network storage summaries


View trends

Analyze how storage use is changing over time - and investigate the causes


Complex search

Carry out instant searches, no matter the complexity, across all your storage; see results to file level


Multi-platform support

Include files stored as attachments in emails (Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes), on UNIX and linux systems


Automated storage management

Automate report generation and file archiving


Model the future

Create scenarios of future change and model the impact in your environment


Create custom reports

Create complex reports, then automate their generation and distribution



Instantly share and re-use searches, storage data, reports and analyses across your team


Exchange & IBM Notes support

Optionall extend management to include file attachments in Exchange and Notes, including PST and NSF files on your network

500GB limit,

single user

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