Getting best value with reducing
budgets, in the Public Sector


Local, central and federal government organisations

are feeling the squeeze... budgets don’t keep up with

inflation and best value is increasingly hard to find. 

That’s why SPACEWatch Storage Suite is increasingly

being adopted in the public sector. 


Many City IT departments in North America - from Vancouver to Savannah - have chosen SPACEWatch, rather than costly alternatives from more well known names.   In the process they have saved tens of thousands of dollars - savings not just in initial licence costs, but also in their ability to more comprehensively manage user-generated data.


Similarly many well known educational organisations - from Harvard Medical School to the University of New South Wales - have chosen the best value route via SPACEWatch Enterprise.


Managing programme data - reducing overhead

costs and improving compliance within a

demanding technical environment


This designer, systems integrator and manufacturer of

military aircraft, defence electronics, precision weapons,

commercial and military aero-structures typically

organises its business around long-running

programmes such as the B2 strategic bomber.  In 2002 it was named Company of The Year by Forbes for “mastering the art of innovation”.


Within large defence contracts vast amounts of varied user- generated data are created - from office administration to programme design, development, delivery and in-life support.  Even for one programme this data can consist of many terabytes of data spread across multiple sites - and often multiple countries.


Strict compliance requirements apply to the handling of this data - and SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition plays a key role in tracking and managing this data.  Furthermore, reducing data volumes directly reduces the compliance challenge - and hence cost.


Getting in control of even the

largest sets of unstructured data


This client is responsible for gathering US

national demographic and economic data. 

It is a leading source of data about 

America's people and economy.


The most visible role of this client is to perform the official

decennial (every 10 years) count of people living in the US.  It also

performs surveys on behalf of a range of federal and local government agencies on topics such as employment, crime, health, consumer

expenditures, and housing.


This client used SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition to keep track of a very large central repository of unstructured data - running in to petabytes of storage.  Key was the ability to find the right files and ensure they were organised for ready access when required - removing duplication and identifying old and unused files.


Managing customer-generated

data as part of infrastructure

consultancy and support services


This company is a global IT services

organisation.  In 2011 they were ranked by

Fortune as the 18th largest firm in the US 

(irrespective of sector).  They hold more

patents than any other US technology



A major part of the services delivered by this client is the large scale management of customer infrastructures - including their storage.  Typically the customer requires effective delivery of storage capability as part of these services.  To maximise customer satisfaction - and client profits - these storage infrastructures require efficient management.


This client uses SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition with a number of customers to deliver an efficient managed storage service.  SPACEWatch is typically used for routine reporting to each customer’s needs - automated, and often using the sophisticated SPACEWatch Customer Reporting capability.

More than 60% of the organisations that try SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition end up deploying it.  Why?  Here are some success stories from some of our clients around the World.

Client Success Stories

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