Remote Support

Use these instructions when a Sharpeware consultant is providing you with remote support

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Remote support can be used by Sharpeware to resolve technical issues, or to help demonstrate a particular aspect of product functionality in your infrastructure. When it is time for a remote support session, use this page to start your session. This is a two step process shown below.


No details will be shared with third parties or used for other purposes [full privacy statement].


1. Download and Run the Quick Support client


This does not need to be installed and will leave no files on your system at the end of the session.


Click to download the Quick Support client















2. Tell us your ID

When you run the Quick Support client it will show an ID for your support session.  Tell the Sharpeware consultant your ID.





















You're done!

The Sharpeware consultant will be able to see and control your desktop remotely.  If you want to stop control at any time, click the close button on the TeamViewer applet.














Click Run when prompted

Or alternatively click on Save File and then Open the Quick Support client from your PC using Windows Explorer

Give this ID to the Sharpeware consultant supporting you

Click the close button at any time to stop control and end the remote support session