SPACEWatch includes a range of highly integrated storage resource management tools to manage and clean-up user-generate data. They let you investigate a "10,000 metre" view of trends --- or focus right in on file level detail - wherever you are, and without waiting for production storage systems to respond. They let you involve users in storage management.     


Whether you want to clean up your own PC - or introduce cost effective storage resource management across your enterprise. You can automate many routine tasks - like sending summary reports to users via email, or carrying out file archiving or deletion of unwanted or unused areas of storage and duplicate files.     


And all this can be carried out on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, UNIX, linux, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus, SAN or NAS storage system - with agent-free seamless integration into each environment. No need to install software on your production systems.     


Download a free evaluation to explore all SPACEWatch's features for yourself. Note - features vary by Edition. With SPACEWatch Enterprise you get all of the features described below, accessed via two easy to use client tools.

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What is SPACEWatch Storage Suite?

A set of highly integrated storage resource management tools.

Clean-up Storage

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With SPACEWatch you can:


  •  Find file duplicates quickly and accurately

  •  See what types of data are being stored

  •  Carry out complex searches instantly across your whole network

  •  Find unused files wherever they are

  •  Generate reports and have them sent via email to your users.     


SPACEWatch lets you search for file duplicates, with results in seconds no matter where they are hiding. Search across all your servers and storage systems at once, or limit your search to the worst offenders. And once you have results to review, visualise how storage is being consumed by duplicates on each of your servers. Review the worst offenders by file, user, or folder.


How many PST Outlook archive files are on the network?  Where are they?

Now drill down to see if they're being used

How can you find, analyze and remove
related types of files, wherever they are?

Clever Analysis

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With SPACEWatch you can:


  •  Use the enterprise treesize summary to see where storage is used in one glance

  •  Analyze all your storage with one glance

  •  Use treemaps to see hidden detail instantly on even the largest networks

  •  Use one-click popular analyses or design your own

  •  See the hot spots instantly

  •  See a free space summary across all volumes

  •  Drill down on the detail, wherever you - or your storage - is located.     


Using the treesize tool IT professionals can rapidly analyze where storage is being used across multiple servers, NAS and SAN devices. Filter out the noise to easily see areas of interest.     


Construct, save and re-use your own complex searches again and again. It becomes simple to answer previously difficult questions like "where on the network are all the large files that have not been used for a long time, and who has been creating them".     


With the network summary you can see all your volumes, disks and file systems - and their current status - in one handy view. Produce exception reports and have them sent to you by email - automatically.

On the selected storage system "APP1" is almost full and the system is full of unused files.  Use SPACEWatch to investigate further.

How is storage being used across my organisation?

Why did storage consumption increase so quickly?  Who caused it, and where did it occur?  What were they storing, and are the files still in use?  SPACEWatch will tell you.

Have I got a growing problem in storage use?  

Who's causing it?  What can I do about it

Driving Change

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With SPACEWatch you can:


  •  Quickly review historic trends in storage growth or access

  •  Plot future trends • Plot day-of-week or time-of-day usage

  •  Use mailbox analyses to see how your Exchange system is being used

  •  Carry out "what if" scenario analysis to test return on investment

  •  Produce formatted reports to share with others

  •  Re-use trend and scenario data in other applications.


SPACEWatch lets you view trends in storage use straight away - with no need to build up snapshots first. You can use these trends to look at historic change - and then apply various regression analyses to view possible future impact.     


Use day-of-week, time-of-day and special mailbox analyses to see how your storage is being used --- useful if you are planning migration or consolidation exercises.     


See a baseline prediction of storage growth, then compare this with scenarios that you might implement. For example, see the predicted impact of removing unused files and use this to justify the activity required. Perfect as a planning tool to aid in business case preparation or investment analysis.

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