Technical Requirements

To maximise the benefits you get from SPACEWork follow these technical platform prerequisites.  We recommend using an external database if possible.

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To operate SPACEWatch Storage Suite components you must meet the following minimum technical requirements.     


SPACEWatch is designed to install on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later systems  - both 32-bit and 64-bit. On Windows XP/Server 2003 it must be installed using an account with local administrator rights. On Windows 2008/Vista/Windows 7 or later you may be prompted for elevated rights during installation.     


Novell NetWare


To manage Novell Netware storage you will need a Novell Client installed on the same system as SPACEWatch. The eDirectory/NDS account you use for authentication must have at least read access to the Netware filesystems you wish to manage     


UNIX and linux


The UNIX or linux system who's storage you wish to manage must have an SSH server enabled and configured. Remote access must be granted to the account used for SSH access. This account must have at least read access to the storage you wish to manage.     


Microsoft Exchange


To manage Microsoft Exchange storage you will need any one of the following installed on the same system:


• Microsoft Outlook 98 or later

• Microsoft Exchange Admin Console

• Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client     


The Exchange Server MAPI Client is available for free download from the Microsoft web site. Click here for more details. The Windows account that you run SPACEWatch under must have at least read access to the mailboxes and public folders you wish to manage.     


Microsoft SharePoint


No special considerations are necessary to use SPACEWatch with Microsoft SharePoint services.


IBM Notes


To manage IBM Notes and Domino storage you will need a Notes R5.0.2b or later client installed on the same system as SPACEWatch, with the default location configured with an ID file and Notes user account that allows at least Reader access to the servers/databases you wish to manage.    


The Notes client does not need to be running at the same time as SPACEWatch.


Use an external database whenever possible


SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition performs best when using an external SQL database - on the same PC or server as SPACEWatch or on another system, if available.     


This greatly extends the performance and functionality of SPACEWatch and is highly recommended. This can be an existing Microsoft SQL Server server - or you can install one and dedicate it to SPACEWatch use. Here are links to download free versions of each of these systems.     


Note - for unlimited space database size with Microsoft SQL Server a licence is required.  Sharpeware recommend Microsoft SQL Server for the best performance and scalability.  For more limited deployments we recomend SQL Server Express:


Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express 


Recommended additional tools: SQL Server Management Studio, Express Edition. This can be downloaded with the database engine from the above link.